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Car Accidents

What To Do If You Have A Car Accident

Every day, hundreds of people are injured in car accidents.  But did you know that many of these people don't know what to do after the car accident and end up making choices that endanger their health and make it harder to have their crash-related bills paid.  I'm not talking about trying to get a huge insurance check and retire to somewhere warm.  But I think you'll agree that insurance should pay to get you and your car back to or as close to the way you were both functioning before the car accident.

After you've read this article, if you are ever unlucky enough to have a car accident, there are three steps you can take that will increase your odds of feeling better faster, avoiding or reducing long-term damage and getting your claim paid by insurance. These three steps are in addition to the normal common-sense actions like getting the name and badge number of the police officer, getting the other driver(s) insurance information and also remembering to remove your belongings from your car, if you are not able to drive it away from the scene of the car accident.

1. Go to the nearest hospital. Unless it was very minor and you are absolutely certain you have no injuries, go to the hospital, and do it as soon as possible.  I know you don't want to sit and wait in the 2-8 hour line, but there are several reasons why you should consider doing so:  1.  Even small car accidents can cause damage that you don't notice right away. 2. The sooner you take care of a problem, the less you risk long term damage.  3.  If you have an insurance claim and they question whether or not you were injured, having visited the hospital strengthens your case.

2.Consult with a lawyer. Sure, we all think we can handle our own legal matters, but why not check with a professional, someone who deals with these issues day-in and day-out? Many lawyers offer free consultations, so it won't cost you anything to check with them.  If they are an ethical firm they will only take your case if they think they can help.  It's much better to retain a lawyer at the beginning of your case than to try to add one later. Plus, if your case goes to trial you really don't want to represent yourself.

3.Get a chiropractic evaluation. As with ruling out any major damage at the hospital and seeking legal counsel, it is best to consult with an expert when it comes to your spinal health. In many cases there is significant trauma to the spine that leads to health problems long after the car accident. Having the function of your spine and nerve system checked shortly after a car accident can help to ensure you don't suffer any long-term damage.  If the chiropractic exam shows any damage caused by the car accident it can usually be corrected before it leads to problems.  Also, a dangerous practice is doing nothing and waiting for the pain to go away. Pain is the body's alarm system that something is wrong. Getting it checked out and corrected before it causes long-term problems is the smart thing to do. Finally, because emergency room doctors are looking for major trauma like broken bones and internal bleeding, they typically miss the more subtle damage that a chiropractic exam is specifically designed to find.

This article is not intended to substitute for competent medical or legal advice.  You should consult with qualified providers of those services. You are responsible for any of your actions that you might or might not take after reading this document.

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