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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask The Doctor

Over the course of several years in practice, Iíve heard quite a few questions about chiropractic and Iíve answered most of them. Iíve only recently started writing down my answers, so I will add to this whenever I answer a question. If you do not see your question here, please feel free to contact us via phone or email, both listed below.

Q: I heard that once you start going to a chiropractor you have to keep going for the rest of your life.  Is that true?

A: Iíve also heard that about chiropractic, but the truth is, each person gets to choose how they use chiropractic.  I think this question comes from a fear and/or misunderstanding that somehow chiropractors do something to you that makes you need to come back. If there is some method of doing that, Iím not aware of it and was never taught it in chiropractic school or elsewhere. I canít speak for all chiropractors, but I do not engage in anything that would do that, nor do am I aware of any chiropractors doing so.  The misunderstanding also likely stems from the large number of people who find they enjoy how much better than feel and how much healthier they are when using chiropractic care.  Maybe they get accustomed to that feeling and choose to continue with care.  I donít think thatís a bad thing. To give a more detailed answer, allow me to explain by way of analogy; presumably you brush your teeth a couple of times per day, and not just when you have a cavity or toothache, right?  But few people would complain that 'once you start brushing your teeth you can't stop.'  It's entirely your choice whether you engage in oral hygiene or not.  Likewise with exercise, eating healthy foods, etc.  So it all depends on your health goals, as well as your individual need or lack of need, for specific chiropractic care.  I say 'specific' because there's a lengthy explanation about the differences between specific care and what is known as derogatorily referred to as 'pop and pray'.  Suffice to say, not all chiropractors are created equal, as with any profession.  This is not to say that I hold myself out as better than other chiropractors. There are people that like and benefit from chiropractic at my office, and there are those who have found what they were looking for elsewhere. My practice has a broad spectrum of folks, from people who only come in when they are in pain, to people who don't have any specific symptoms, but utilize maintenance care (which frequency depends on each individual's needs and response to care) to feel better, not get sick as often, issues like that, and also includes athletes who want to perform better, and families who want to be healthier.  I run my practice they way I would like to be cared for, finding out what each person's goals are, determining thru examination if I can help them, recommending what I think would best to help them achieve their goals, and then letting them choose.  Some people come in 1-2x per year, some come in for a couple of visits close together when they are in pain, and some come monthly.  I don't 'pressure' people or anything like that, I simply educate and let them choose.

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