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Gonstead Chiropractic


At Lighthouse Chiropractic, Dr. Dan Curriden exclusively uses the Gonstead System of Chiropractic.  The Gonstead System was developed by Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead, beginning in 1923. Prior to becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Gonstead was an engineer. 

Similarly, Dr. Curriden was a Chemical Engineer for over 5 years before being called to serve his fellow man through chiropractic. It was the logical, systematic approach of the Gonstead System that attracted Dr. Curriden.  Interestingly, Dr. Curriden began studying the Gonstead System 3 months before starting chiropractic college.

Throughout Dr. Gonstead’s 55 year career, that spanned until his death in 1978, he delivered over four million chiropractic adjustments.  During that time he continued to improve his system of quickly and safely locating and correcting spinal problems. After Dr. Gonstead’s death, the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society has continued to improve the system through research and clinical studies, making it the most advanced system of chiropractic in use today.

What Can The Gonstead System Do For You?

The Gonstead System has a long history of safety and efficiency, meaning that you can be confident that, at Lighthouse Chiropractic, your spine is “in good hands”. Gonstead Chiropractors avoid the use of dangerous twisting motions, which can damage your spine.  On every visit we use 5 criteria to determine the current condition of your spine, as well as to track your progress. These 5 criteria consist of:

  1. Instrumentation: The Nervo-scope is the instrument of choice for Gonstead chiropractors. This device measures temperature difference along your spine.  Over 80 years of research has proven that spinal problems cause temperature imbalances along the spine. Using the Nervo-scope allows me to both locate your spinal problems, as well as to measure your progress as they are corrected.  In addition to the trusty Nervo-scope, at Lightouse Chiropracic we also use computerized instrumentation consisting of surface electromyography known as the Myovision 8000 and digital infrared thermography with a Tytron C3000.
  2. Static Palpation: A Gonstead chiropractor directly examines your spine, using his hands, feeling for slight changes in the tissues surrounding the spine, noting any swollen areas and typically locating tender areas. Many of my practice members will ask, “How did you know that was the spot?  I didn’t tell you it hurt there.” It comes with practice.
  3. Motion Palpation: By using motion palpation the Gonstead chiropractor compares different areas of the spine, noting those that are moving too much (hypermobile), too little (hypomobile) and ‘just right.’  Hypomobility is associated with the area that needs correction.
  4. Visualization: Briefly, visualization consists of noticing subtle changes in your posture as well as alterations in your gait.
  5. X-ray: We do not take a new x-ray on each visit, and actually try to minimize their use. But we do consult the x-ray on each visit, using it as a sort of road map, to determine what is called the three-dimensional correction vector.  This is a fancy way of saying that it tells the chiropractor the exact direction to adjust the vertebra in order to correct your spinal problem as quickly and safely as possible.

A question I often hear is, “If the Gonstead System is so great, why don’t all chiropractors use it?” While I can’t speak for those chiropractors that choose not to use the system, I know from my own experience that it takes a long time and a lot of practice to master the art of delivering a specific Gonstead adjustment.

As I mentioned, I began studying this system 3 months before chiropractic college. I’ve traveled to Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, home of Dr. Gonstead’s clinic, more than 14 times to take educational seminars.  While in chiropractic college, I spent no less than 10 hours and often 15-20 hours per week focused solely on studying and practicing the Gonstead System.  This was in addition to the mandatory 25 classroom hours per week for the normal curriculum and the 15-20 hours of homework. All of that additional work is what probably keeps most chiropractors from using the Gonstead System.

“Find the subluxation, accept it where you find it,
correct it and leave it alone.”

   – C.S. Gonstead


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