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"These People Had Suffered for Years with Low Back Pain, Headaches, Chronic Pain and More.  Now they are Pain Free and Enjoying Life and Doing The Things They Love and Want to Do.

Now Listen To What They Have To Say..."

“After 3 Visits My Lower Back Pain was Gone! Thanks!”

While helping a friend I reached for a paint roller and within minutes I was on the floor, with tremendous lower back pain. My brother sent me to see Dr. Curriden. It only took one visit to notice an immediate improvement and after three visits the symptoms were gone.

Stephen King, IT Manager, Atlanta

“My Neurologist Was Unable to Relieve My Headaches.

I was having recurring headaches for 8 months. My neurologist did an MRI and was unable to find out the reason for my headaches.  I was worried as to what was happening.  Because of Dr. Curriden I have no headaches and I feel more relaxed.

Guru Kamath, Computer Programmer, Atlanta

“Migraines, Back Pain and Lack of Sleep Improve with Dr. Curriden!”

I suffered severe migraines and back pain after a car accident. The pain was intolerable and interfered with my job and sleep. I was afraid to go to a chiropractor and thought it would be painful. Since seeing Dr. Curriden my headaches and back pain have subsided.  Dr. Curriden and his staff are the kindest, warmest people. I always feel welcomed and relaxed when preparing for my sermon.

Jill Milbry, Customer Service Manager, Smyrna

“Throws Away Back Brace Because of Dr. Curriden!”

For two years I suffered lower back pain and restless nights. It was very painful and I lost sleep. I tried a back brace and got no change in results. Now thanks to Dr. Curriden I have less back pain, get better sleep and have more energy.

Frank Owens, Warehouse Manager, Jonesboro

“After 6 Months of Suffering, No More Headaches or Hand Numbness…Thanks!

Before seeing Dr. Curriden I was skeptical about chiropractic.  I had been having headaches for 6 months, neck pain and hand numbness for a year, and low back pain for years.  After seeing Dr. Curriden I have no more headaches, neck pain or hand numbness.  Since I was a skeptic I am happy, actually joyful and somewhat dazed by the results.

Nancy Cummings, Retired, Smyrna

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