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Why I Am A Chiropractor

Fourteen years ago something happened that changed my life forever.

Back then, I was a chemical engineer, working for a large mining company, but I suffered from seasonal allergies. I had allergies since I was fourteen and they were getting worse.  The sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes were non-stop from August thru October and April thru June.

(Wanna skip this story and just look at the pictures?)

Desperate, I went to an allergy doctor who prescribed Claritin. I don’t know which was worse, the allergy symptoms or the inability to sleep while on the Claritin. I would lay awake all night and then go into work with blood shot, puffy eyes. My coworkers probably thought I was out drinking every night. (I wasn’t) Because the Claritin didn’t work the doctor suggested other drugs, which also didn’t help. And there was no way I wanted to take shots.

See, I was brought up in a family where you only took drugs if you were really sick. The idea of being on any type of drug for an extended period of time was foreign to me.  So most of my life I have been interested in health and fitness.  While in high school I was on the track and cross country teams all four years.  I rode my bicycle everywhere. Then, in college, I got into bodybuilding, spending over 4 years bulking my skinny 145 pound runner’s frame up to 189.75 pounds at 9% bodyfat.  I never could crack the 190 barrier.

At some point I realized that I was never going to be a pro or heck, even an amateur bodybuilder so I stopped trying to bulk up.  But because I liked health and fitness I became a certified personal trainer. I did the personal training at night and on the weekends while working my engineering job during the day.  It was hectic, but I found the personal training to be much more gratifying than the engineering.

But I had a nice salary and I got to travel around the world on the company’s nickel, so I didn’t want to leave my day job.

Then ‘it’ happened.

The incident that changed my life forever.

It was in early 1994 and I was lifting way too much weight.  I felt something ‘pop’ in the middle of my back and immediately experienced searing pain in my back and neck.  I racked the weight and noticed that I couldn’t turn my head left or right.  I had experienced back and neck pain before, but it was never that severe.

I made my way over to my girlfriend Marne’s apartment. She took one look at me and said, “You have got to see my chiropractor!” I said, “Are you kidding?  I’m not going to one of those quacks!”

See, I was brought up believing that chiropractors were quacks, all based on the behavior of one very weird nearby chiropractor. The outside of the guy’s office was covered in purple, blue and red polka dots.

Anyway, Marne explained how chiropractic had helped her over the years.  It was interesting, plus the pain was getting worse so I finally relented and made an appointment.  I went in the next day and the chiropractor, “Dr. Art”, did an exam, took some x-rays and then adjusted me.

Immediately I noticed a difference.

After a couple of adjustments not only was my back feeling better, but I also noticed that my allergies had all but disappeared.  Now mind you, this was in mid-April, with sky-high pollen counts. Only days before I had suffered with allergy symptoms and now they were gone.  I stopped taking the allergy medication and got back into the gym.

Amazed, I asked “Dr. Art” to explain how it was that chiropractic could get rid of my allergies. He explained how the brain and nerve system controlled the functions of every part of my body and how nerve interference, or something called a subluxation could cause the nerve system to malfunction. How this malfunctioning didn’t always cause pain, but it meant that the body was performing at less than 100%.  How it could lead to all sorts of problems.

That got my attention. I had been showing people how to improve their performance in the gym and realized that this was a way for me to take that role to the next level. I immediately began researching chiropractic and was pleased to find that it was firmly grounded in terms of science and research. I was an engineer, after all.

I then started searching for a chiropractic school.  Dr. Art and many other people pointed me to Life University in Marietta, GA. Marne and I took a tour and found both the campus and the area to be wonderful. The next couple of months were a blur. Everything happened fast. I applied and was accepted and began the process of quitting my job, moving and all that that entails.

I also did one other very smart thing…I asked Marne to marry me and thankfully, she said ‘yes!’ We had been dating for just over 2 years and I knew she was ‘the one’. We now have 3 wonderful, healthy, well-adjusted sons and a great dog. You can see them below!

Well, that’s some of the reasons I became a chiropractor. If you like what you hear and are looking for a chiropractor in the Smyrna area, give us a call or stop by!


Chiropractic Kids at Mammoth Cave

Ian, Blake and Schuyler at Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Chiropractors Three Boys in Florida

Blake, Ian and Schuyler in Florida

Chiropractic Makes Ian Strong

Chiropractic makes Ian strong!

Cane The Chiropractic Dog

Cane the Wonderdog!

Marne and Dan Curriden, Chiropractor

Marne and Dan at a wedding.

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